Surprise Feature: Search by Map is now Live!

Introducing Search By Map

With the Search By Map feature, you are now able to search hotels directly on the map, without having to bother with anything else. To activate it, simply enlarge the map when you are at the search results page. It’s that simple!

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At first it will show you a general view of the city. By zooming in and moving around, you will see more hotels popping up automatically. Below is a quick video on how it looks like in action.

In addition to this, the hotel list on the left side will automatically show you relevant options for the area you are currently viewing. It updates with every move made on the map.

Improved Mobile View

The features above are not the only improvements we have made. For mobile view, we have removed the “Use two fingers to move the map” requirement. This is no longer necessary. Instead, users can now enjoy the map much more intuitively and with a single finger. Of course, search by map is also available for mobile.

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