Secret Codes and Gift Cards are now LIVE on!

We are happy to announce that one of the most anticipated features has been deployed — Secret Codes and Gift Cards!

You can now generate your own discount codes to be used on and share them with your family, friends and others! By doing so, you will not only spread the word about LockTrips and save your loved ones money, but you will also get rewarded!

Step 1: Generate your Code

Hint: Discount codes can only be used during the first booking. This means that your affiliate commission will not be impacted on subsequent bookings.

The second option is to generate paid gift cards, which can be bought at any fixed value. You can for example buy a $50 card as a birthday gift for a friend.

Secret codes and gift cards can be printed as shown below, shared as a code (OPMBZ) or in the form of a link ( Anyone signing up with one of your codes will automatically be assigned to you as a referral and you will enjoy a 3% commission on the bookings made by the person — for a lifetime.

Step 2: Using your Code

This is where the codes come into play. Entering the code will instantly uncover pricing on our marketplace, allowing newcomers to compare pricing without having to sign-up. Below is a screen of how it looks when someone makes a search for the first time.

The moment the code is entered, prices will be revealed, including the additional discount provided by the discount code. The picture below shows an example for a 6% discount and a minimum booking value of $100 (this can be customized during code creation).

As you can see, the code does not apply for the $98 booking, since the minimum requirement for the code is $100. The entire process is once again shown in video format below.

Step 3: Tracking and Analytics

For more indepth-analytics, we have built a dedicated analytics tab. Here you can analyze the performance of various campaigns in terms of sign-ups, unique visits, bookings, booking revenue and your net commission.

The charts can be adapted to display performance for each of your campaigns, for example by selecting the individual discount codes or hyperlinks used in your campaigns.


Here you can enter any search destination for any dates, which will return you the matching hyperlink with your referral code integrated automatically.

You can use this to send referrals directly to search results and save them a click. No more worries about whether your referral cookie has been attached correctly!

In addition to this, we have installed an omnishare-widget on hotel pages. Clicking on it allows you to share a link to the currently viewed hotel through your social sharing apps. Similar to the above case, your referral link is integrated automatically.

Other Improvements

As part of our effort to enrich the user experience, we have started to show the distance of each listing from the center of the search. Expect more steps towards “relevant” information with the next versions of the marketplace.

Support for USDT and EURS

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • USDC
  • DAI
  • USDT
  • EURS

Today’s deployment also includes a major upgrade to our payment infrastructure, which is now prepared to onboard various coins and tokens more efficiently.

A Historic Day for LockTrips

No longer is the project resting on a few shoulders, but will from now on be carried by an army of highly motivated enthusiasts and affiliates, supported by a truly shared economy. We can’t wait to see the results!

  • Your LockTrip Team

6% discount code — OPMBZ