Major Deployment & Migration to Completed

  1. Deploying 500,000+ Hotels and Properties
  2. Integrating LOC Economy 2.0
  3. Deploying the new Blue Design
  4. Integrating Crypto Payments

Filter Improvements

The price slider is now dynamically adjusting to the range of the specific search. In the example below, $21 would be the cheapest available hotel and $1,470 the most expensive one.

Stability & Speed

Rate limiting modules that caused website instability have been improved. At the same time the loading speeds of hotel details pages are now much quicker. Further improvements on that front are on their way as we optimize the code and back-end components related to the new design.


The “Sydney” card on the main page was incorrectly leading to a city in Canada, which has been fixed.

Map Improvements

We identified a weakness with map loading times that sometimes lead to display issues, which has been fixed with this release. In addition there are also improvements on the “nearby hotels” feature within the hotel details page.

Texts & Links

Our terms & conditions are now directly linked in the registration window. We have also made a number of text adjustments throughout the marketplace.

Other Improvements

Our database engine has seen a complete upgrade with this deployment. This has no direct visible impact, but is a critical component of back-end operations — maybe even the most central element of this deployment.

Important Notes

  1. Expect maintenance on our mobile apps for the next few hours as they adopt to the new database upgrade.
  2. All referral links that lead to the previous marketplace domain automatically redirect to the root domain. Nevertheless we recommend our affiliates to do their own checks.



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