LockTrip Partners with Electroneum, Reaching 4.1 Million Registered Users

Today we are excited to announce a major partnership with Electroneum — a leading project for empowering people in emerging countries and the builders of the freelancer platform AnyTask.com.

LockTrips.com becomes the official Travel Partner of Electroneum

  • As part of the partnership, ETN holders will soon be able to spend their ETN on the LockTrip travel marketplace, accessing more than 2 million hotels and properties at up to 60% discount.

The partnership will further be expanded by additional milestones as we progress.

What is Electroneum?

Electroneum is a multi-level project with several key areas in expansion. Currently their strongest product is AnyTask, which is further described below. ETN empowers communities in emerging markets to make their payments online and enter the digital financial economy without having to setup a bank account.

People can use their ETN to pay utility bills, make payments in stores or top up their mobile network credits. More than 200,000 top-ups have been made so far, showcasing the strong community behind the Electroneum project.

Despite their focus on emerging countries, roughly 50% of the traffic originates from the developed world.

AnyTask.com — A Powerful Freelancer Platform

AnyTask allows sellers to earn ETN through performing digital tasks for buyers around the globe and receive payment via the blockchain and their smartphone. ETN can be used in over 140+ countries to purchase airtime and data, as well as pay for utility bills and a growing list of other goods and services.

“Our freelancers at AnyTask.com earn their rewards in ETN and are always looking for useful platforms to spend them on. LockTrip is a perfect fit for us.“

— Jonathan Marriott, Marketing Manager at Electroneum

Buyers can access low cost skills for hundreds of different digital tasks, whilst enabling the world’s poorest people to benefit from a new revenue stream that they can work on flexibly in their spare time. More than 4 million users took advantage of AnyTask to date.

Note to LockTrip Affiliates: Outsourcing can be a cheap solution if you have difficulties with designing a post or writing content. In many cases freelancers can do the job at a low cost. Some examples (taken out from AnyTask) are shown below.

We are welcoming the Electroneum project and its team to our ecosystem and are excited to integrate ETN as a payment method into our marketplace.

The integration is scheduled for completion by November 13.