LockTrip Deploys LOC Burn Economy on Hydra Chain

What is LockTrips.com?

LockTrip Reports New Record with 421% Growth in Q3 2021!

LockTrip is excited to report record numbers across all metrics!

🔥 3% LOC Burn on every Booking

  • The customer to check-in at the hotel, at which point the marketplace executes the final burn from parking wallet → burn wallet
  • The customer to cancel the booking, which triggers the LOC to be recovered by savings it from the burn

View Parking Wallet on Explorer

Address HF3tPQRB6wL1Fu6X6MC7BZgVqNq3ws5aVw

View Burn Wallet on Explorer

Address HHxxxxxxxxxxBURNxxxxxxxxxxxxxV1i2D

Burn Transaction | Example

Transaction 19130fc2236deccb51054703ca0c3d6e58301d8c339d225e5af9d21c883863f6

👉 www.Locktrips.com



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