How to Get the Hydra Airdrop and Start Staking for 100% + APY

The team behind LockTrip recently launched the Hydra blockchain, along with an amazing airdrop opportunity for holders of LOC (the LockTrip token). In order to receive the full airdrop over 50 weeks, there are certain requirements. Make sure you read the instructions carefully (detailed requirement info here).

Before you begin

Step 1 — Get some LOC

If you already have some HYDRA (HRC) LOC that you bought recently, you don’t need to perform the swap. If it’s in your own wallet, go to Step 3. If it’s on an exchange, go to Step 2.

If you don’t yet have any LOC, head to Kucoin to get some! It’s also available on hitbtc or All LOC on exchanges is HYDRA (HRC) LOC, so can be withdrawn directly to your HYDRA wallet (Step 2).

Step 2 — Get a HYDRA Wallet

Step 3 — Complete KYC

Once you have completed steps 1~3, all you have to do is wait for your HYDRA to arrive!

PLEASE NOTE: Now that the airdrop has begun, any new LOC additions and new KYC submissions will enter a four-week “cool down” period. You will begin receiving the HYDRA airdrop after the cool-down period (for those new LOC).

Step 4 — Stake Your HYDRA (Optional)

It’s also possible to stake on Kucoin’s pool-x staking pool. A regular payout is guaranteed, however, the APY is lower than staking yourself. In addition, if you send more than a certain % of your airdropped HYDRA to pool-x to stake, you will disqualify yourself from the remaining HYDRA airdrops. The amount of HYDRA you must keep in your wallet each week is shown in the distribution sheet‘s 5th column (“Week xx Minimum HYDRA Balance”).

Step 5 — Sign up for LockTrip

While you’re here, I strongly recommend signing up for LockTrip! LockTrip is a travel marketplace offering up to 60% savings off hotel accommodation, created by the makers of the HYDRA chain. If you refer people to LockTrip, you will receive 3% of their future booking payments, forever!. LockTrip is also the first project to utilize the HYDRA blockchain.

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