LockTrip is proud to report record numbers across all metrics! —

In the second quarter of 2021, a record 753 room nights were booked through the LockTrip.com marketplace. This represents a 259% increase compared to the previous quarter and 1,076% year over year.

The total volume of bookings was…

Sofia, Bulgaria ~

Have you ever wondered how many parties are actually involved in the process of arranging your self-organized vacation trip? From online agencies, through airline companies, and hotels, the chain can get quite long, depending on your preferences. What are the chances of something getting wrong and is…

The Presentation Direct URL is: http://hydrachain.org/vision

Over the past 6 months, Hydra has quickly evolved from its genesis stage maintained by a few core nodes into a major network with hundreds of nodes distributed across 50+ countries, with currently five projects being built on it and a validated economy like no other blockchain has to offer.


Everything you need to know about Staking HYDRA.

You can either stake on exchange pools (such as Kucoin) or set up your own node.

Supported operating systems are Windows, macOS and Linux. You can also use your Raspberry Pi or stake on a VPS.

Get ready to enjoy more than a 100% APY reward rate based off current…

The team behind LockTrip recently launched the Hydra blockchain, along with an amazing airdrop opportunity for holders of LOC (the LockTrip token). In order to receive the full airdrop over 50 weeks, there are certain requirements. Make sure you read the instructions carefully (detailed requirement info here).

Before you begin

I strongly recommend…

Today we are excited to announce a major partnership with the DigiByte Foundation — an independent organization supporting DigiByte, one of the first public blockchains in the world, created back in 2013.

LockTrip.com Partners with the DigiByte Foundation

  • As part of the partnership, DGB holders will soon be able to spend their coins on the LockTrip…

We could not be more excited to announce that Webjet and LockTrip are entering into an unprecedented deal in the crypto space. …

Locktrips.com is happy to announce that the deployment of a new marketplace version has just been completed! The deployment is a result of an intense development sprint and comes with plenty of new features such as a simplified user experience via an omnipotent, single click sign-in flow.

This particular feature…

As part of our recently announced partnership with Electroneum, we have now completed the integration of ETN as a payment method on the LockTrip.com travel marketplace.

Holders can now use their ETN to book more than 2.1 million hotels & properties, as well as flights from 1,000 different airlines on…

Today we are excited to announce a major partnership with Electroneum — a leading project for empowering people in emerging countries and the builders of the freelancer platform AnyTask.com.

LockTrips.com becomes the official Travel Partner of Electroneum

  • As part of the partnership, ETN holders will soon be able to spend their ETN on the LockTrip travel marketplace, accessing…

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